This island of gems
with a well established gem industry from the time immemorial
a great diversity of natural resources, landscape, plants & animals,
Remains of the ancient civilization and
the spirituality & philosophy flowering down through the ages
is the best place on Earth to
embark on a journey
to gain a firsthand experience about the many facets of the gem industry
as well as to hold meetings, conferences and learning events of
any organization in the Gem & Jewellery industry.
Gem-Island Tour

Visit the Alluvial Gem-mines at Rathnapura the Gemcity
to explore the age-old traditional mining methods. Observe the hard work, patience and the
cooperation among the miners who are not workers but shareholders of the enterprise.

Pass through the open-street gem market and stop to test your Gemmological skills, if you wish.
Witness how the trading is done among the Gem dealers without any documents but the pure trust.

Meet the craftsmen in action at a Lapidary, Jewellery workshop and a Handicraft factory.
Watch how the hand & eye partnership of a skilled Lapidarist will bring out the hidden beauty of
a rough gemstone and make it sparkle. Try to add few facets to a gemstone by yourself at the
Lapidary. Witness how the Art & workmanship creates dazzling jewellery at a workshop.

View the display of gems, rare minerals and precious artifacts at a Museum.

(The complimentary presentation & discussion on the first day will enlighten you about the Gem industry of Sri Lanka and give you a rare opportunity to handle a collection of rough & cut gems including rare Collector’s specimens.)
 Throughout the journey …

travel through verdant Tea, Rubber and Coconut plantations,
green paddy fields, spice gardens, rural villages,
ancient & living irrigation systems, cool misty mountains,
gem-bearing rivers, cascading waterfalls and
the tropical coastline of the Indian ocean.

Duration:   5 Days / 4 Nights


     Make extensions as you wish to

    Prevailing whether conditions may result in changing the order of the tour as Rathnapura is a Very fertile land with a good rainfall.

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We are thankful to Bonnie & David Smith, Lynnette Wood, Ashan Amarasinghe(At GIC), Jackline Vivez, Amutha Williams & Magareat Raynier for the images .

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