Are you in the Gem / Jewellery industry ?

 Have you ever visited the source of the most exquisite & rare gemstones ?

 Have you witnessed the mining, cutting & trading of them ?

Have you met the people in this process & shared their knowledge and   experience?

Only by visiting the source of gems
and witnessing the process of uncovering, trading & fashioning,
meeting the people behind it & sharing their experience
will make you complete in your life in the gem & jewellery industry.

Sri lanka is undoubtly the best place for it !

Miners in action
Sorting the Gem gravel basket

Found a Sapphire?

But make sure that you do this with a professional Gemmologist
who knows A to Z of the Sri Lankan gem industry and
also established in the tourism industry.

Hirosha & his GemExpeditions team
is the only source for you to make this rare opportunity , a reality !

Even if you are not involved with gems, rocks or jewelry,
this Gem Tour will give you and your friends or family
an unforgettable & fascinating experience in this
paradise island of gems.

You will realize the true value of the nature and each gem gravel and
how Sri Lankans have balanced both for 2500 years
Owner of a Lapidary
A Gem mine & the Paddy field
Making Jewellery

How to do this ?

You can visit individually or come with a group.
What about coming with your family, friends or colleagues.
May be your professional / trade organization, Society or Club?
what about having a meeting of your organization, society or club
combined with the Gem Tour ?

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We are thankful to Bonnie & David Smith, Lynnette Wood, Ashan Amarasinghe(At GIC), Jackline Vivez, Amutha Williams & Magareat Raynier for the images .