The Gem-city
is the heart of the gem industry
and possess a fascinating
natural beauty, culture & history.

Green paddy fields, verdant Tea & Rubber plantations,
cool misty mountains, gem bearing rivers,
cascading waterfalls plus
birds, butterflies and wild animals
enhance the splendour of this region.


Watch how the hidden treasures of the nature
are uncovered at Gem mines
by age-old traditional mining methods and
cut into fascinating objects at a Lapidary.
View the display of gems, rare minerals and
precious artifacts at a Museum.
Refresh yourself at a cascading waterfall.

(One-day tour)
Weekend in the Gemcity

Extend the Gem-tour to discover the
nature, culture and history
of the heart of the gem industry.
Spend a night among cool misty mountains
and visit an ancient temple, a waterfall
and Tea & Rubber plantations.

(Two-days / one night)

Gemcity, Rainforest and Wildlife park

Explore the rich bio-diversity of the Singharaja world-heritage
tropical rain-forest and visit the Udawalawe wildlife park
after the Gem-tour.

(Three-days / Two nights)

International Gemological Academy
3A, Darmaraja Mawatha,Colombo 03.
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